Written by Haipha Simon, directed by Carlos J. Ramsey and introducing Rashawn Vaughn as Officer Lincoln Holly. Featuring Allen Maldonado, Toyin Moses and Erika Pitts. Officer Lincoln Holly is about a by-the-book Christian black cop who shoots and kills an unarmed black teen and the unstoppable ripple effect that one moment creates. 

Behind The Scenes

Day after day, breaking news after breaking news, it's baffling the level of violence being inflicted on our black youths by local law enforcement. The notion that lethal force is justified is flawed at best. The media with their colorful renditions wrapped in manipulative jargon tied up in a pretty little bias bow doesn’t help either. But on the other side, not all cops are racist, heartless murderers either. Most of them are real heroes risking their lives on a daily to keep us safe. 

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Black Lives Matter.0001745
He Reached.0001802
Lets Do This.0003000
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Shoot Me!.0000974
The beat 2.0000652
Officer Lincoln Holly Short Film Screener and Trailer