The Officer Lincoln Holly project is very fortunate to have this amazing talented artist attached. XMAN has donated an autographed CD of "The 24th Letta". An eclectic funk soul spoken word album featuring: Ice Cube, Butterscotch (Americas Got Talent) and Gerald McCauley (The Mayor) and a digital download of the complete album of "Somethin Nu To Cruz To" another eclectic funk soul spoken word album plus UN-RERELEASED single called "Back Seat Driva" featuring Dave Duncan (Bagpipes) to The Officer Lincoln Holly Kickstarter Campaign. We are currently taking submission for the OFCLH Soundtrack. We are opening our soundtrack to the independent music artist of all genres of music that deal with social injustice, police brutality and unity. Now is the time, use your voice to evoke change! We support the Independent Artist. 

Email: info@appealmediagroup.com 


Victor “XMAN” Taylor is a master musician and prince of production; especially within the progressive rap and spoken word art form that he has coined, “Rhythm and Rhyme.” His musical career spans two decades and carries a cadre of credits for writing and producing gold and platinum records. Versatility and talent has compelled his presence in recording sessions and on production teams like, “A Man Apart,” starring Vin Diesel and “Set It Off” starring Queen Latifah. His motion picture credits include MGM’s “Be Cool”, staring John Travolta; Universal’s “Bowfinger,” starring Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy; Warner Brother’s “B.A.P.S.” starring Halle Berry; Priority / Capcom’s “Street Fighter” and BET’s “High Freakquency.” The Wayans Brothers, ESPN Awards, BET, Vibe TV and NY Undercover also head his credits for music production on numerous television shows.



Jacques Alexander "JTM" a.k.a "Jacques The Man"

The power baritone vocalist has come out of retirement after dealing with aftermath of struck by speeding vehicle. He has donated two singles composed by the Grammy-nominated songwriter/artist and producer MariaCristina Gonzalez (Sleeping with a broken heart - A.Keys) to our Kickstarter. The OFCLH team with Jacques The Man will be reproducing, the 1978 Grammy award Winning song "Strange Fruit".  


QUOTE: "I just wanna make the world smile with my voice." -JTM


Damien Behannan  a.k.a "Locksmith"

Locksmith”, born in Albany, GA and raised in Lexington, KY found the love for music through his family. Growing up in a full house of musicians, Damien developed his craft of talents at a very young age.  While at the University of Kentucky the artist “Locksmith” emerged and a new love for music had developed. Through his trials and tribulations Locksmith was able to open his heart to the music industry and tell his story about life, love and lost. He has been compared to some of the greatest singers of the past and present, such as: Marvin Gaye, Brian McKnight and Seal to name a few. Locksmith has wrote, collaborated and performed songs internationally, which has consider him to be a certified lyrics. This talent individual has hit the UK charts at # 23 with the single remix of “Rhythm is a Dancer” originally sung by Thea Austin from the Retro 90’s group “Snap”. Locksmith was making moves in 2009 with his album “Hollywood”, bringing new flavor to the music industry. 

Locksmith has donated his first album "Welcome" to our Kickstarter Campaign.


QUOTE: "For the love of God, family and music" -Locksmith